Album Review: From Indian Lakes – Wanderer

By Sam Tornow, Managing Editor

[Triple Crown; 2016]

Rating: 4/5

Key Tracks: “When You’re Around,” “The Bad Parts,” “Come In This Light”

Surprises are nothing new for Yosemite-based project From Indian Lakes. The band is notorious for dropping music videos, merch and tour dates out of thin air, and their most recent gift to us may be the best one yet. Wanderer is the group’s latest EP, and with a haunting aesthetic and alluring melodies which evoke a range of emotions, it’s sure to captivate.

Wanderer offers three original songs and two unplugged versions of past releases. The three new tracks fit right in with the From Indian Lakes discography and manage to sound reminiscent of past albums, but entirely fresh at the same time. “When You’re Around” is one of the more upbeat and full-sounding songs on the record. The folky guitar, combined with lo-fi percussion and singer Joey Vannucchi’s chilling voice, picks up the listener and drops them in the middle of the woods on a crisp winter evening.

On the slower side, the EP’s final song, “The Bad Parts,” lays a firm foundation with a series of quarter-note rim shots and continues to grow from there. Over the course of the song a minimal, ghostly synth creeps in, contrasting the more primitive backbeat, and a series of backing vocals weave together to build the dreamy picture the song creates.

As stated above, Wanderer also strips down tracks from the band’s latest full length, Absent Sounds. On both “Ghost,” and “Come In This Light,” From Indian Lakes manage to add new elements to the songs, rather than transfer all the chords to an acoustic guitar and leave it be. The most notable of these changes are presented on “Come In This Light.” The originally atmospheric, droning song is transformed into a crawling, emotional piece, with Vannucchi sounding as if he is on the edge of tears throughout.

Wanderer achieves what most EPs strive to, leaving fans and new listeners alike wanting more in between full releases. Regardless if From Indian Lakes has been on the top of your Spotify playlist since their debut or if you’ve never picked up an album, Wanderer is definitely worth your time.

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