Album Review: The Lemons – Hello, We’re The Lemons

By Jonathan Fuchs, Copy Editor

[Burger; 2016]

Rating: 3.5/5

Key Tracks: “Chubby Checker,” “Ice Cream Shop,” “Monkey Time”

One of the strangest, most nostalgic and underrated bands around, Chicago’s The Lemons recently released its debut album through Burger Records. It showcases most of its discography, 28 extremely short, fun tracks that will get any party going. Although its length is very underwhelming (at about only 14 minutes), Hello, We’re The Lemons is guaranteed to have something for everyone, making it perfect for any good time.

Almost every track on Hello, We’re The Lemons is filled with cavity-inducing surf rock, acting as the soundtrack for any little event in life; beach volleyball, rainy days, bike rides around your favorite suburb, you name it. The album’s upbeat sound and free spirit feel very childlike, making the listener feel a little nostalgic about their own past. Tracks like “Chubby Checker,” “Monkey Time” and “Lemoncita” can almost be described as a much sillier Beach Boys, as they have a very similar sound and atmosphere.

What makes the album feel really special, however, are the tracks that break away from the surf sound the band is known for. Songs like “My Candy Girl” and “Memory” feel original and refreshing as they make the album feel less repetitive and recycled. Their slower or more electronic-focused sounds make the record a lot more memorable as their interesting chords and melodies stick with the listener longer.

Hello, We’re The Lemons will probably be the most fun you will have with any record this year. It’s sweet, simple and to the point, making it great for everybody, from violent frat dudes to your favorite local straight edge kid. Go give this record a spin while riding roller skates or eating your favorite hummus and have the time of your life.

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