Track Review: Tiny Moving Parts – Happy Birthday

By Sam Tornow, Editorial Director

[Triple Crown; 2016]

Rating: 7/10

Just in time for the first hints of spring, Tiny Moving Parts is back to promote their new album/future soundtrack to your summer, Celebrate. “Happy Birthday” is slightly under 3 minutes, but seamlessly packs 5 minutes worth of transitional punches throughout.

This rollercoaster of a song carries the listener through a chaotic intro, a classic-sounding pop punk chorus, a hard-hitting syncopated instrumentation section and a beautiful break that leads into the energetic last burst. Featuring calculated riffs, dizzying drum fills, dancing violins and youthful lyrics such as “Getting stoned in the back of a car / You have no idea where you are / But you’re satisfied with life,” the track hands the listener a sense of familiarity and freshness all at the same time.

Additionally, the production quality on “Happy Birthday” is noticeably better than anything off of 2014’s Pleasant Living. This is especially heard in the more polished guitar and drum tones, making it sound more listenable to the average audience member than past releases. Fear not, though, the song’s commercial viability is not necessarily a bad thing.

The track foreshadows a slightly softer and less chaotic release. While hardcore fans of 2013’s This Couch is Long and Full of Friendship may be slightly disappointed, the vast majority of listeners are likely to welcome the more accessible sound with open ears.

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