Preview: Dandelion Hunter, Ulysses, Wasted Champs, Madeline Toerne / Sept. 9 / Shewolf Haus

By Tori Ullmann, Contributor

A display of great music with moody undertones. A positive environment with open-minded people; a long-awaited homecoming; a gathering of friends; a gig. Where will this spectacular event take place, you ask? How can you be a part of this metaphorical family reunion of the century? Come out to Shewolf Haus on Friday, donation in hand, and enjoy the music!

It’s here that the beloved local band, Dandelion Hunter will be making their return hOUme. This will be their first show in Athens since leaving last May to travel to Chicago and back for a small tour. “To play together again is great… Some of my favorite shows ever were at Shewolf Haus and I’m excited to be playing there again (for the first time) in over a year,” said bassist/vocalist Collin Geddis. He and guitarist/vocalist Jay Riley have played at the venue on many occasions as part of their earlier project, The Sunshine Bandits. Since then, the two joined forces with Erin Richmond (keyboard) and Mitch Rossiter (drums) to create the self-proclaimed “Lo-fi melancholy pop” sound of Dandelion Hunter.

While Shewolf Haus is familiar territory for Dandelion Hunter, a more recently formed indie garage-rock band, Ulysses, will be playing their first Athens show at the gig. The band is comprised of Dan Stavarz (vocals and guitar), Chris Miller (drums), Clay Graening (bass) and Carter Hickman (guitar and keyboard). They started playing a handful of shows in Akron during the summer and plan to continue the project here in Athens. According to Hickman, the unique Athens music scene is something to be proud to be a part of. “I think the people here are really interested in obscure shit… People try to look for things to take them out of their comfort zone.” He also vocalized his excitement about playing the show with artists he knows, such as Jon Fuchs.

Jon Fuchs, an Ohio University student from Maryland who will be performing songs from his solo project Wasted Champs, would agree that the friendly chemistry between the artists on the lineup is one of the most exciting aspects of this show. “I’m more excited because I know every single person playing this. It’s cool to be playing with bigger acts, but it’s also cool to be in a space where you know every single person playing. There’s just something about it that feels very relaxing. Like I’m at home.” Fuchs said. Fuchs hopes to make his set personal to the audience through his sad, quirky songs.

Another solo project that will bring a personal element to the lineup is folk singer/songwriter Madeleine Toerne. With poetic lyrics that convey messages that transport listeners and create visuals in their minds, she is sure to put on a stellar show that will connect with the audience. Her Joni Mitchell-like sound and pure voice will bring something beautiful to the table.

Together, these artists’ music will make for a great show. Their personalities and supportive relationships with one another will make for an even greater environment.

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