Album Review: Yellowcard – Yellowcard

By Marvin Dotiyal, Contributor

[Hopeless; 2016]

Rating: 8.5/10

Key Tracks: “Rest in Peace,” “Fields & Fences,” “Savior’s Robes”

12 years after “Ocean Avenue” became one of pop-punk’s biggest anthems, Yellowcard still does not fail to impress the alternative/pop-punk scene with their newest and final release, Yellowcard. This album reveals what Yellowcard is musically capable of; elements on the album range from alternative rock, pop-punk and emo. And of course, Sean Mackin still rocks his violin on this record.

“Rest in Peace” starts off the album with a peaceful alternative rock sound accompanied by a relaxing violin melody. Just as the title suggests, the lyrical theme of this song focuses on the band parting ways. Although the main message of this song is rather sad, the uplifting tune reveals that the band is breaking up for good.

“Fields & Fences,” is the closer of the album. This 7-minute farewell song gives a ’90s, emo vibe, sounding like a cross between early Jimmy Eat World and American Football. The song is beautifully crafted. The combination of acoustic guitar and the swooning violin melody progressively prepares the song for the final blow. 

Still, they were able to redeem themselves for what they are best known for: pop-punk. If you want some good old pop-punk, this one’s for you. “Savior’s Robes” and “Got Yours” are pure pop-punk bangers; this is Yellowcard revisiting their roots for their lifelong fans. These catchy choruses and palm-muted guitar verses will make it to your local pizza party playlist without a doubt.

Although each song on this album is unique to itself, the songs do not feel out of place whatsoever. Yellowcard definitely does a good job at creating synergy with different genres, building off of their influencers without resorting to a generic sound. Many bands and artists tend to mature or sell out over time, but Yellowcard is an exception. This album exemplifies how a band can evolve and stay relevant at the same time.

Sadly, Yellowcard officially announced their forthcoming break up during the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards, but this final album depicts their growth as musicians and encapsulates the defining sound of Yellowcard, ending their successful career on a high note.

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