What We’re Playing – Week of 1/23/17

New week, new us!! Here’s some albums live on our stream right now that’ll make your week a whole lot better.

  1. Cloud Nothings – Life Without Sound

    The long-awaited follow up to their 2014 album Here and Nowhere Else only proves that Cloud Nothings is one of the best indie rock bands out there right now.

  2. Allison Crutchfield – Tourist in This Town

    Tourist in This Town is the debut solo record of P.S. Eliot / Swearin’ member Allison Crutchfield, whose songwriting is as personal as it is beautifully catchy.

  3. Joan of Arc – He’s Got the Whole This Land is Your Land in His Hands

    This experimental band’s first album in five years shows that even after 20 years of music and lineup changes, Joan of Arc frontman Tim Kinsella can still make some pretty new and weird sounds (emphasis on weird).

  4. Horse Thief – Trials & Truths

    The Oklahoma-based Horse Thief’s sophomore record continue their very fun and traditional indie sound they received praise for on their 2014 debut Fear in Bliss.

  5. Active Bird Community – Stick Around

    Stick Around is the second album from the Brooklyn-based indie band Active Bird Community. They’re really great, even our GM’s dad loves this band.

  6. John Wesley Coleman III – Microwaves Dreams
    This new collection of tracks from singer/songwriter John Wesley Coleman III is filled to the brim with classic rock ‘n’ roll bangers that will have you bobbing your head like there’s no tomorrow.
  7. Henoheno – Piggybacks
    This new album from Toronto-based pop duo Henoheno is filled with sweet, wholesome synth-heavy tunes that are so much fun to listen to and will fill your life with much more quirk.
  8. Harrison Brome – Fill Your Brains
    This EP released last summer by R&B singer/songwriter Harrison Brome was almost overlooked by us, but his catchy hooks and silk-smooth voice was too good to ignore.

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