What We’re Playing – Week of 1/30/17

Hey Rock Lobsters!! Here’s some new, amazing albums that are new to the ACRN rotation this week.

  1. Surfer Blood – Snowdonia

    When lead guitarist Thomas Fekete died back in mid-2016, it was unclear what Surfer Blood was going to do. Their newest record, Snowdonia, makes it clear, with new guitarist Lindsay Mills and a new, twangy sound.

  2. Ty Segall – Ty Segall

    This new self-titled album from fuzz-rock mastermind Ty Segall is a tight and catchy collection of tracks that are just as insane as his several past records.

  3. Stef Cura – Messes

    This new record from indie rocker Stef Chura could only be described as fun, with short, sweet tracks filled with upbeat drums, beachy guitars and killer vocals.

  4. Surf Curse – Nothing Yet

    The second full-length from Nevada-based surf-rock duo Surf Curse is the best release of their career so far, with the two upping the production for their fun, catchy riffs.

  5. Fred Thomas – Changer

    Changer, the newest record from singer/songwriter Fred Thomas is some of his most honest and creative collection of tracks yet, telling a story anyone can relate to.

  6. mouse on the keys – Out of Body

    Out of Body is the newest album from mouse on the keys, an instrumental Japanese math-rock band with some of the most captivating melodies and  rhythms released in a very long time.

  7. Fox Grin – Dawn EP

    This new EP from the Atlanta/Nashville art-rock duo Fox Grin is loud, fun and energetic, making it one of them one of the most refreshing bands around currently.

  8. Dandelion Hunter – High Beams II

    Dandelion Hunter is the Athens-based project of Collin Geddis, Jay Riley, Erin Richmond and Mitch Rossiter. They will go down in history as the tightest band in town.

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