What We’re Playing – Week of 2/13/17

Hey Rock Lobsters!! Here’s all the fresh new albums on rotation this week we know you’ll fall in love with.

  1. Sampha – Process

    The long anticipated debut record of British electronic singer Sampha couldn’t be a more refreshing listen. The critically acclaimed record sees the artist skip introductions and dive deep straight into personal lyrics focusing on topics from grief to self-identity.

  2. Homeshake – Fresh Air

    The newest project from multi-instrumentalist (and former guitarist for Mac DeMarco) Peter Sagar is probably the coolest synth-pop that’ll be released all year. His approach to R&B music is a sound truly his own, while sounding familiar and comforting all at the same time.

  3. Tim Darcy – Saturday Night

    The debut solo record from Ought frontman Tim Darcy focuses on the post-punk sound his band is so loved for, but feels a lot less chaotic and more controlled, like an old school Velvet Underground record.

  4. Sinkane – Life & Livin’ It

    This new record from London-based musician Ahmed Gallab has him combining several sub-genres, from shoegaze to African pop, to create something totally unique.

  5. Lowly – Heba

    Heba is the debut record from the Danish noise pop trio Lowly. It’s the band’s second release on Bella Union, and is filled with rich synth textures, smooth vocals and addicting hooks that will leave you only wanting more.

  6. Tinariwen – Elwan

    Tinariwen is a Mali-based band that has been making world-influenced rock music for decades. Their newest record, Elwan, sees them sticking with and perfecting their classic sound.

  7. PVT – New Spirit

    This Australian trio’s newest record is as focused and tight as their other albums, continuing their atmosphere electronic style that can only be described as interesting.

  8. arrange – The Body EP

    This newest EP from Portland-based musician Malcolm Lacey is a strange, beautiful collection of ambient indie tracks that will warm you up and will be the perfect soundtrack for those moments you just sit there and zone out for long periods of time.

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