Album Review: Teen Daze – Themes For Dying Earth

By Marvin Dotiyal, Staff Writer
[Flora; 2017]
Rating: 7/10

Key Tracks: “Cycle”, “Rising”, “Lost”

Imagine lying on the fresh grass, feeling the sun empower your whole body. Fluffs of clouds swim past your vision, and you slowly escape the skies with them. Gradually becoming one with nature, you close your eyes and feel the breeze—everything is okay.

Teen Daze’s Themes For Dying Earth produces a natural high. In his fifth release, Teen Daze, otherwise known as Jamison Isaak, concerns over our planet’s current condition while relating them to his own introspection of his life. While many artists today are influenced by controversial topics such as politics, Isaak stresses that protecting nature and the planet is as relevant today.

The opening track, “Cycle”, is the ultimate embodiment of the whole album. It sets the overall mood, introducing how nature plays an essential role in his personal life. “Cycle” deals with Isaak’s anxiety and stress, but also addresses a larger issue in nature: climate change. As he repeats the lines, “You are the only one that speaks into me and breaks the cycle”, it is clear that Isaak genuinely finds serenity in nature, in which he frees himself from reality.

With soothing vocals provided by Sound of Ceres, “Rising” is more up-tempo compared to the rest of the tracklist. This song is somewhat reminiscent of The 1975’s indie/ambient pop sound in their sophomore album, except less poppy. “Rising” carries a relaxing vibe that is achieved by Isaak’s incorporation acoustic guitar melodies, which is quite unusual when ambient synths play a huge role in his songs.

Several songs on the album are instrumental; however, that shouldn’t stop you from listening to them. In instrumental tracks like “Dream City” and “Cherry Blossoms”, Isaak creates a healing atmosphere with layers of ethereal synths, delivering a rejuvenating experience for the listeners.

In Themes For Dying Earth, Isaak personifies his paramount relationship with nature and also proves that he indeed is a passionate, musical tree-hugger. Much like his previous work, Teen Daze does not disappoint in this particular release.

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