What We’re Playing – Week of 3/20/17

  1. Spoon – Hot Thoughts
    Hot Thoughts, Spoon’s first record since the critically acclaimed They Want My Soul back in 2014, continues the indie pop sound that’s gotten them the heavy fanbase they’re currently holding onto.
  2. The Shins – Heartworms
    Their first record in five years, Heartworms sees the iconic indie outfit The Shins take their discography in a more simplified, pop-drenched direction, while still being able to make it catchy and all their own.
  3. The Magnetic Fields – Selections from 50 Song Memoir

    This single disc from indie-folk act The Magnetic Fields features 16 of 50 of the album’s tracks, each one written to represent a year of frontman Stephin Merritt’s life.

  4. Minus the Bear – VOIDS
    This famed math rock band’s sixth album shows them as catchy as ever, with 10 indie-soaked tracks covered in great guitar melodies and interesting vocal harmonies.
  5. Jay Som – Everybody Works

    The official debut record of Melina Duterte, under the name Jay Som, is a wonderful collection of dreamy indie tracks that feel personal and relatable, with wonderful vocals and instrumentation to match.

  6. WHY? – Moh Lhean

    Moh Lhean sees WHY?, the project of hip-hop musician Yoni Wolf, go in much more of an indie style with its booming production, more popish instrumentals and lack of rapping structure.

  7. Bleached – Can You Deal?

    The latest four-track EP from the indie-rock group Bleached is probably the best collection of music they’ve released so far, with catchy melodies and lyrics all about abusive relationships, nostalgia, and misrepresentation.

  8. The Obsessives – The Obsessives

    The new self-titled sophomore record from this DC-based punk duo is the most confident the two have sounded in a long time, with 14 great tracks filled with killer riffs, clever lyrics and excellent production.

  9. Dehd – Fire of Love

    This Chicago-based DIY group’s newest EP for the Infinity Cat Cassette Series is filled with beautiful lo-fi moments that will perfectly act as the soundtrack to your springtime sadness.

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