What We’re Playing – Week of 4/3/17

What’s going on, all you Rock Lobsters?!?!?! Here’s everything we’ve added to rotation this week that you can add to that perfect end of the semester playlist. You’re welcome.

  1. ANOHNI – Paradise

    Following her critically acclaimed 2016 record Hopelessness, ANOHNI teams up once again with Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never for this follow-up EP, which features six new politically charged art-pop tracks full of thought and consciousness.

  2. Bat House – Bat House

    The debut record of this Boston-based math rock group is one of the most creative albums to be released this year, filled with amazing riffs, insane rhythms, and tremendous production.

  3. Geotic – Abysma

    Will Weisenfeld of Baths fame returns back under the alias Geotic with Abysma, which features extremely soothing ambient-influenced electronic music that will stay on your mind until the end of time.

  4. Loose Tooth – Big Day

    This band’s newest record on Father/Daughter Records is just as fun as their usual material, with catchy hooks, well written lyrics and piercing guitars.

  5. The Octopus Project – Memory Mirror

    Memory Mirror is the first studio album for psychedelic pop group The Octopus Project since 2013’s Fever Forms. This new record sees them continue their long streak of putting out sweet, creative material filled with interesting synth textures and awesome vocals.

  6. Sneaks – It’s a Myth

    This new record from Eva Moolchan has the same perfect drum machine and bass combination as her debut Gymnastics. But with this new collection of tracks new to Merge Records, Sneaks improves on the production to keep you dancing like crazy.

  7. The Gift – Altar
    With musical genius Brian Eno collaborating on their new album Altar, Portuguese band The Gift bring the sounds of similar artists like David Bowie and Depeche Mode to a whole new audience, making it sound as fresh as ever.
  8. French Vanilla – French Vanilla

    The self-titled from this Los Angeles-based art-punk group is as strange and funky as one can get. From the vocalist’s unique delivery to the bizarre saxophone, French Vanilla’s debut record truly sticks with you from beginning to end.

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