What We’re Playing – Week of 4/10/17

Just because the semester’s almost over doesn’t mean we’ve stopped!! Here’s all the sweet new tracks being added to our rotation this week.

  1. Arca – Arca

    The third studio record from electronic producer Alejandro Ghersi is by far the strongest in his discography, with eerie soundscapes that match with Ghersi’s beautiful vocals, which are brand new to his music.

  2. Timber Timbre – Sincerely, Future Pollution

    Timber Timbre’s sixth record takes the psychedelic folk outfit and makes their sound almost entirely electronic, while still staying true with Taylor Kirk’s amazing songwriting.

  3. Pile – A Hairshirt of Purpose

    Boston rockers Pile return with this collection of punchy, aggressive tracks that are as ferocious as the rest of their material, leaving you only wanting more.

  4. White Reaper – The World’s Best American Band

    White Reaper’s newest record is a classic rock ’n’ roll record, filled to the brim with in-your-face riffs and a carefree attitude.

  5. Slugabed – Inherit the Earth

    The sophomore record from this UK producer is dark and intoxicating, sounding like a mixture of Flying Lotus’ chaos and Gold Panda’s dreamy style.

  6. Nectarines – Nectarines

    This new EP from the self-described “goth-du-wop” band Nectarines is six fun, dark indie tracks about heartbreak that sound incredibly real and inviting, giving anyone listening good times.

  7. Tanika Charles – Soul Run

    Soul Run, the newest record from Canadian soul singer Tanika Charles, is impossible not to like. Bright and dun in a time of chaos, Charles will get you on your feet and forgetting about all of your anxieties.

  8. White Violet – AGES

    In May of 2016, Georgia-based duo White Violet began to slowly release their third record, AGES, two tracks at a time in a series of volumes that end at a typical album cycle. The end result is a collection of catchy indie tracks that are as thoughtful as they are well written.

  9. Little Star – Little Star

    This Portland-based duo’s new record feels like a lost Cure record, with a fun, gothic pop sense of style that sounds virtually timeless.

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