What We’re Playing – Week of 4/17/17

Finals Week is just a week away, Rock Lobsters!! But fear not, for we have some great new records that are also the last few records that will be new to rotation until next semester.

  1. Shamir – Hope
    Dropped completely by surprise just today, the second full-length record from Shamir Bailey was recorded over the weekend while contemplating quitting music forever. It sees the 22-year-old taking less inspiration from disco-house and more from 90s indie rock and lo-fi production.
  2. Aye Nako – Silver Haze
    The debut record from the Brooklyn-based punk group Aye Nako gives exactly what they promise: “Sad songs about being queer, trans and black.” It also provides some extremely catchy riffs and choruses that you’ll get stuck in your head forever.
  3. Julia Holter – In the Same Room
    In the Same Room is a collection of songs from the first two records of this baroque-pop artist, reworked and played live to only further prove the insane talent that is Julia Holter.
  4. The Courtneys – The Courtneys II
    The sophomore record from The Courtneys may just be the catchiest indie record to be released this year. Filled with sunny, relaxed tracks that will get you moving like crazy, The Courtneys will quickly become your new favorite band.
  5. Skating Polly – New Trick
    This new EP from Oklahoma-based rock duo Skating Polly will blow you away, with three hard-hitting bangers that feature collaborations from Veruca Salt’s Louise Post and Nina Gordon.
  6. Juana Molina – Halo
    Inspired by and written about witchcraft, dreams and the concept of human emotion, Juana Molina’s seventh record is filled with strange, rich soundscapes that are almost impossible not to be mesmerized by.

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