What We’re Playing – Week of 9/11/17

Guess who’s back??? Back again??? ACRN is back!! Tell your friends!!!
Yup, you heard right! ACRN’s rotation is back and being updated every week once again!! Here’s some of our favorite records from this summer being added to rotation this week to get you going through the start of the semester.

  1. Mount Kimbie – Love What Survives
    [Warp; 2017]
    Featuring the likes of King Krule, James Blake and more, Mount Kimbie’s dreamy new record is easily the best in their discography. Love What Survives takes the duo’s post-dubstep sound and adds elements of post-punk and soul, resulting in a pretty jaw-dropping collection of tracks.
  2. Palehound – A Place I’ll Always Go
    [Polyvinyl; 2017]
    Palehound’s A Place I’ll Always Go is one of the most well-written indie records to come out this year. With thoughtful, powerful lyrics about grieving and queerness, Ellen Kempner has made one of the most underrated records in 2017.
  3. Great Grandpa – Plastic Cough
    [Double Double Whammy; 2017]
    Great Grandpa knows how to take a generic, overused sound and make it totally unique and fun again. Their debut record, Plastic Cough, combines well done vocals and super loud riffs to make one of the catchiest records of the year.
  4. Palm – Shadow Expert
    [Carpark; 2017]
    Just as complex and impressive as ever, Philly-based rock group Palm’s new EP is filled with the strange vocals, complex instrumentals and interesting mixing that gave them the tight, dedicated fanbase they have now.
  5. Daddy Issues – Deep Dream
    [Infinity Cat; 2017]
    Loud, dirty, and unapologetic, Daddy Issues’ debut record is packed with the grimy, lo-fi and consistently catchy fuzziness that rock music in 2017 was missing.
  6. Sudan Archives – Sudan Archives
    [Stones Throw; 2017]
    This self-titled EP from Sudan Archives was one of the perfect releases for this summer. Filled with experimental approaches to R&B, electronic music and West African rhythms, this collection of tracks are perfect for letting loose and getting down.
  7. Us and Us Only – Full Flower
    [Topshelf; 2017]
    Full Flower, the new record from Baltimore-based group Us and Us Only, is an extremely solid debut record, adding heavy-yet-gentle instrumentals with heartbreaking, relatable lyrics perfect for anyone just struggling to get by.
  8. The Sea Life – The Sea Life
    [Babe City; 2017]
    This long awaited, self-titled album from D.C. indie group The Sea Life is pure, noisy bliss. The 10 tracks that make up the record all flow beautifully between each other, and lead singer Jon Weiss’ abrasive screaming is completely unpredictable and enticing.
  9. DUMP HIM – Venus in Gemini
    [Disposable America; 2017]
    The newest release from Jac Walsh (aka DUMP HIM) is queercore at its absolute finest. Its lo-fi production, Jac’s personal songwriting and simple riffs combine to make an fun, carefree listen that’s worth multiple listens.
  10. Sam Leidig – Collarbone
    [Babe City; 2017]
    Just released a few weeks ago, this criminally underrated release from indie artist Sam Leidig is cold, catchy and extremely well written. Reminiscent of the similar artists like Current JoysCollarbone takes a simplistic lo-fi indie style to the next level by focus on its impressive production and smooth, beautiful instrumentals.
  11. Dasher – Sodium
    [Jagjaguwar; 2017]
    Sodium, the newest album from Indiana-based punk outfit Dasher, is the perfect mix between gentle, well-constructed riffs and chaotic, in-your-face abrasiveness. Filled with loud, insane production and incredible vocal work, Sodium is one of the most hellish records of 2017.

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