Album Review: METZ – Strange Peace

By Hunter Bych, Contributor
[Sub Pop; 2017]
Rating: 7/10

Key Tracks: “Lost in The Blank City”, “Sink”, “Raw Materials”

METZ has been becoming a bigger and bigger name since their debut in 2012. Their self-titled album was the first impression needed to break into the noise-rock scene, and they’re still going strong after half a decade with a sophomore album, II, and consistent touring. Looking to bring something more to the table after the lukewarm response of II, Strange Peace wants to improve and diversify their sound as well as beef up their discography, which has at best an hour of music.

While at first glance this may seem like such a small helping of a 36-minute album, it is very packed 36 minutes. Once you hear the guy off-microphone say they’re rolling, they do not stop until the album is done. There may be parts in which the album slows down a tad to take in the atmosphere brought forth by the instruments, but once “Mess of Wires” starts with the guitar and distorted vocals screaming at you and making you feel a punch to the gut, it will not stop. Halfway through the album, that appreciation for the atmosphere kicks in with “Lost in The Blank City” and “Sink”, with the grimy feeling of the track settling inside the listener’s head. The songs that will make you scream along with the band, like “Raw Materials”, satisfy that desire to scream your head off from any sort of stress or paranoia you feel.

It does take a few listens to appreciate the minute details in the tracks, as the first time, you’ll either be a bit put off if you didn’t expect what’s coming, or headbanging the entire way through. All in all, Strange Peace is a solid entry for METZ bringing forth some bit new expansions to their sound, but could use a bit more meat in the album. While so far, it’s been seen by the last few albums the Toronto group are comfortable with these album sizes, the viewer still is left craving for more of that raw noise.

Listen here:

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