What We’re Playing – Week of 10/9/17

Hey there Rock Lobsters!! Here’s all the new tunes that we’re blasting on our rotation for you to soothe your tired, stressed ears with.

  1. Weaves – Wide Open
    [Buzz; 2017]
    The newest record from this Toronto-based four-piece is some of the grandest rock and roll to come out this year. Tracks like “Walkaway” and “Slicked” are so big, intense and catchy, they’d make rock legends Bruce Springsteen weep with joy.
  2. Strange Ranger – Daymoon
    [Tiny Engines; 2017]
    The Portland-based band formerly known as Sioux Falls return with their best album yet. Daymoon is by far one of the standout indie albums of the year, filled with moving poetry, gentle vocals and beautiful lo-fi production.
  3. Alex Lahey – I Love You Like a Brother
    [Dead Oceans; 2017]
    The debut record from Australia’s Alex Lahey takes pop rock to a whole new level, with every track being filled with sugary riffs and intoxicatingly catchy lyrics that perfectly capture the emotions of young romance.
  4. Paperhaus – Are These the Questions That We Need to Ask?
    [Misra; 2017]
    D.C.’s Paperhaus is back with their sophomore record, a funky powerhouse of an album filled with the kinds of psychedelic influences and political commentary we need to be listening to.
  5. Hidden Places – uh’s
    [Boredom Recordings; 2017]
    The debut EP from Columbus heroes Hidden Places is an in-your-face collection of tracks, complete with lo-fi production, killer riffs and powerful screaming reminiscent of Talking Heads.

Listen to all our new selections on our “New to Rotation” Spotify playlist:


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  1. Rachel Marie says:

    pretty cool album, thanks


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