Album Review: Wu-Tang Clan – The Saga Continues

By Jack Tecca, Contributor
[Loud; 2017]
Rating: 5/10

Key Tracks: “People Say”, “Frozen”, “Pearl Harbor”

Attention world; the Wu is back and more lackluster than ever. From the sloppy attempts at retro instrumentals to RZA’s incessant diatribes, The Saga Continues, the newest Wu-Tang Clan record, leaves a lot to be desired for hip-hop fans everywhere.

The Wu-Tang Clan did a few commendable things on the album. First, the lyricism everyone knows and loves is back in full form. While Redman and Method Man carry most of the rhymes, a few diamonds in the rough include Inspectah Deck’s verse on “Lesson Learn’d” and a posthumous verse from Sean Price. Every member of the Wu brings a solid delivery as well, with very poignant punchlines throughout. The best track on the album has to be “People Say”, due to its earworm sample and the scattering rhymes of Method Man and Redman.  The album art is very eye-catching as well and appeals to fans of the old Wu-Tang albums. The cover prepares the listener for 90s glory that never arrives. Ultimately, only some good elements are drawn from the release.

A few things went wrong in the formation of this album. Many of the tracks on the album are merely skits that don’t really help tie the album together. They are supposed to assist the listener in immersing themselves in the album, but in reality, they just distract from the rhyme schemes of the rappers. Another big problem was the instrumentals throughout produced by Wu-Tang affiliate Allah Mathematics. The beats demonstrated some good elements, but in total, they’re too polished and failed to capture the griminess of Wu-Tang. Finally, the album fails to capture the personality of the early works.

The attempt by Wu-Tang to progress their music in a new generation is really not done well. They should try to return to their roots as best they can and give their fans what they really want. Fans of the old albums will be disappointed in this new venture by one of the most beloved groups in hip-hop history.

Listen here:

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