Album of the Week: yaeji – EP2

By Jon Fuchs, Music Director

[GODMODE; 2017]

Released earlier last year, the debut, self-titled body of work from New York producer yaeji is a dark, bubbly collection of house music filled with smooth synths, thumping bass lines and the producer’s high-pitched vocals all throughout its five tracks. It’s a perfect introduction to the 24-year-old’s overall aesthetic, which feels both perfectly trendy in today’s internet-obsessed culture, but homey and timeless simultaneously, as her deep house vibes feel heavily inspired by the sounds of Detroit techno and Chicago house.

“drink i’m sippin on”, the main single from yaeji’s second EP this year, EP2, is easily one of the best songs of 2017. Her vocals, which constantly switch from Korean to English, match perfectly with the dense, bass-filled instrumentals, all leading up to its intoxicatingly catchy chorus. It’s truly one of the most unforgettable songs of the year and will refuse to leave your head until you’ve played it 20 times in a row.

Track 2, “raingurl”, is just as catchy and danceable. Though it feels more like a pop song than “drink i’m sippin on” and less like a house track, it still remains a perfectly youthful party banger. Similar to “Guap” from her first EP, the entire song is a carefree, drinking anthem that consistently shows off self-confidence in a way pop icons can’t mimic. All this under an instrumental that sounds like a house party covered thick smoke, choking you under colored neon lights.

yaeji’s reworking of Drake’s “Passionfruit” is also featured on the EP. It’s a perfect rendition, taking everything out that made it Drake’s and inserting elements that only yaeji could recreate – from her sampled vocals in the background to her rap-like flow featured all throughout the track. It’s a perfect example of a cover, feeling extremely original and personal while still paying tribute to the original artist. The entirety of EP2 feels very similar, as it can’t be recreated, but it still pays respect to the past sounds of house.

EP2 is out via GODMODE.

Watch the video to “drink i’m sippin on” here:


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