Album Review: Joji – In Tongues

By Hunter Bych, Contributor
[88rising; 2017]
Rating: 4.5/10

Key Tracks: “Will He”

There is no denying how successful George Miller, aka Joji, is. With Filthy Frank being one of the most popular YouTube channels on the platform, as well as the successful release of Pink Season earlier this year, he really deserves respect for what he has done. Fans were very excited when they found out about new music being released when he attempted to drop the date for his new EP in his Hot Ones interview. In Tongues is his officially published EP under Joji, where he aims to stray away from the joke songs that Pink Season had and be as real as possible.

In Tongues is all about Joji’s losses in love (“Will He”), fighting his inner struggles (“Demons”) and other depressing subjects that make you want to cry in the corner. The production and beats of the song are chill and very easy to vibe to. A lot of it, however, does seem to blend the same way when looking back at them. Some subtle guitar and Joji’s singing get sucked into this void that is the beat. It fits the mood of a black hole of sadness, but like a black hole, everything within it gets nulled and eaten up – “Bitter Fuck” is a good example of this. The song has an acoustic guitar that gets sucked in by a void of low-fi beats. Whether that’s good or bad is up to the listener, but it does fit with the somber and chill melody that’s given.

What the most disappointing about the EP is a lack of passion. Lyrically, it feels uninspired. His previous works as Pink Guy have shown his talents and ability to flow as well as mix some great beats. Here, it just doesn’t sound too interesting. “Will He” is about all that feels distinct from the album while many of the other tracks struggle to stand out too much. Even before the Pink Guy alias blew up, his original work had more love put into them. Why didn’t this get the same treatment for the first studio release?

At 16 minutes, the EP passes on quickly, becoming easy to forget outside of a few sad beats. It probably could have used more time or expanded more songs, but as of now, this is lackluster. The Joji label can still work for George, but it just needs more effort to put into it, or else it is just going to get overshadowed by Pink Guy’s success.

Listen here:

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