Album of the Week (Week of 11/12): Fits – All Belief is Paradise

By Jon Fuchs, Music Director

[Father/Daughter; 2017]

“Ice Cream on a Nice Day”, the opening song on Fits’ debut record, All Belief is Paradise, opens with a single basic guitar riff and Nicholas Cummins’ piercing vocals, immediately dogpiled by crunchy guitars, a powerful bassline and blasting drum beats. It’s a really strong song, and an even stronger opening track, as it’s perfectly followed by about 20 more minutes of vulnerable lyrics and interesting instrumentation that differs the Brooklyn quartet from many other bands out there right now.

“Admission Day”, the album’s third track, is extremely strong with its songwriting. At just over a minute-and-a-half, the song showcases the talents of everyone in the band. The vocals are beautifully tragic, the bass is perfectly mixed and the guitars get to stand out and play some killer melodies. “Drop Thistle” has a very similar atmosphere, but it’s a very light and calming vibe, almost feeling like a power-pop version of a Vagabon song.

“Superdead” stands out as a highlight in the second half of the record. The song almost feels like it was written to be an anthem of confidence and strength, with its distorted-covered guitars almost acting as a motif of the entire record. The rest of the album flows in the same fashion, creating a punchy-yet-perfectly sugary collection of pop tunes. The songwriting is rock solid throughout, and everything on the record FITS (ba-dum tss) together perfectly, creating a beautiful, angsty experience that never overstays its welcome.

Listen to “Ice Cream on a Nice Day” here:


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