Preview: ACRN Prom with Scary Balance, Chris Farren and Adult Mom / February 10 / The Union

By Devon Hannan, Editorial Director

Let’s be honest. We are all music nerds here at ACRN. And the majority of us didn’t get a date to the high school prom. We were too busy cozying up with Modest Mouse and our dashing good looks hadn’t quite hit yet. If we did manage to get a date, it was probably awkward… Scratch that. It was definitely awkward. Some of us maybe occasionally think about turning back the clock just to get a chance to relive one of the most over-rated high school traditions over again – This time, with finesse.

But now we’re in college; social hierarchies don’t matter anymore. We’ve all gotten hot. Our music tastes have become almost pretentious, which, in a weird twisted way, makes us even hotter. The artsy kids are in and the jocks are out.  Unfortunately, the chance to claim the title of prom queen has also long passed… Or has it?

This Saturday at The Union, the time has come rehash one of the worst nights of your young adult life. Get ready to dress your best (if you want to), cover yourself in glitter and dance the night away at ACRN’s first ever prom.

Instead of hiring your hometown DJ to bleep out every curse word in “Get Low”, we’re bringing the sweetest, most energetic bands to town. Scary Balance, from Yellow Springs, will be kicking off the night. The band describes themselves as “Punk…. But also gentle,” perfect for the atmosphere of the evening.

Bringing even more charisma to the stage, Chris Farren and Adult Mom will also be serenading the crowd with bubbly, yet intrinsic indie rock.  After only being on tour with Adult Mom for less than a week, Farren says, “I love it. Adult Mom is such a great band full of incredibly sweet and kind people. We’re already super tight.”

Other fun features at ACRN Prom will include a live auction of items that include gift cards and bundles from Thunder Bunny Tattoo, Decorative Injections, The Athena and Amazon. A photo booth, set up by ACRN’s Visual Media Team, will let you take home an Instax memory with you at just $2 a pop. But, debatably the most important facet of them all, is we will be announcing two headliners set to play this year’s Lobsterfest.

When asked what he is looking forward to most about Prom, Farren replied, “I hope to receive a lot of love and attention.” Don’t we all?

While you may have skipped out on your Senior Prom, this is an event you surely don’t want to miss. Doors are at 8 p.m. and music will start promptly at 8:30. Advanced tickets are on sale in The ACRN Station (Third floor of Baker (1 Park Pl. Athens, Ohio), in the Media Hallway) for just $8. Still can’t find us? Don’t worry, tickets will also be available at the door, plus a $2 cover if you’re under 21. Just don’t forget – no spiking the punch bowl!

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