Lana Del Rey releases single, announces sixth album

By Emily DiAlbert, Copy Editor
[Photo by Lana Del Rey/YouTube]
Original story from Pitchfork

After releasing “Mariners Apartment Complex” last Wednesday, Lana Del Rey is already back with more presents for fans: a new song, “Venice Bitch” (produced by Bleachers Jack Antonoff) and a new album-in-the-making, Norman Fucking Rockwell.

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Tuesday’s release of “Venice Bitch”, as well as its music video, was already expected by fans due to LDR posting a series of Instagram teasers for her new songs, which initially date back to her Sept. 7 post captioned “Two end of summer jams for ya out next week.” What was not expected, however, was the announcement of her sixth studio album, which she broadcasted earlier today on Zane Lowe’s podcast World Record.

The album’s title, LDR told Lowe, is pulled from one of its tracks:

The title track is called ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’, and it’s kind of about this guy who is such a genius artist, but he thinks he’s the shit and he knows it and he won’t shut up talking about it. So often I ended up with these creative types or whatever and, you know, they just go on and on about themselves, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ But there’s a little bit of merit to it also. They are so good. I just like the title track so much that I was like, OK, I definitely want the record to also be called that.”

LDR also announced during the interview with Lowe that the album already has 11 songs and is slated for release in 2019. In addition, she plans to release another single in October.

Norman Fucking Rockwell will follow LDR’s 2017 release Lust For Life, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart last August.

Watch the music video for “Venice Bitch” here:

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