Tom Diaz, founding member of The World Is a Beautiful Place…, has passed away

By Lane Moore, Contributor
[Photo via YouTube]

Yesterday, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die announced the passing of their founding vocalist and keyboardist, Tom Diaz, via Facebook. The cause of the 32-year-old musician’s death is currently unknown, according to Brooklyn Vegan. However, former band member Greg Horbal cites medical issues as Diaz’s reason for leaving the group in 2012.

On their Facebook page, TWIABP had these words to say in honor of their late bandmate and friend: “We are incredibly heartbroken about the passing of Tom Diaz. He was an extremely talented artist, with such a huge amount of musicality. On top of all of that, he was an incredible friend.”

In the Facebook statement, it is noted that The Diaz Family “would appreciate donations to the Friends of Assisi Food Pantry in Danielson, CT.”

Tom Diaz’s vocals and musicianship were essential factors in shaping the band’s early sound as well as its future. Diaz’s tenure with the band began in 2009 when he, Tyler Bussey, Josh Cyr and Nicole Shanholtzer founded the group, and his work can be heard on TWIABP’s first album, Whenever, If Ever, and the EPs Formlessness and Josh Is Dead.

As a person of “kind and loving nature,” he will surely be missed and unforgotten.

Listen to the band’s early work with Diaz below:

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