Battle of the Bands 2018 Q&A: Uncle Attica

By Kwase Lane, Contributor
[Photo by Harley Wince]
Q&A with Uncle Attica.

What’s the story behind your band name? 

Uncle Attica: In ancient Greek history, Attica [was] the region encompassing Athens, especially during its Golden Age. So for us, “Uncle Attica” is a musical collective surrounding Athens, Ohio just as Attica [surrounded] Athens, Greece.

What do rehearsals typically look like for the group?

Uncle Attica: We try not to formally rehearse really, instead we “gather” and improvise music together until something sticks. We are all in formal ensembles, so what we value in this group is letting loose and letting instinct take over to create the music.

What songs do you play the most?

Uncle Attica: Again, it’s whatever is in the air at the moment that comes to us as we play.

Have any of you ever played solo? If so, how does being in a band feel compared to that?

Uncle Attica: We all play music in a number of other groups as well as solo playing, so it is good to be in a band like this that allows us to break free for a moment and step away from “classical training.”

What’s your favorite thing about making music?

Uncle Attica: Again, it’s that freedom, both in feeling it for ourselves and being the catalyst for the audience. If we can suspend reality for them, even for an hour for one night, we’ve done our job.

Catch Uncle Attica’s performance at ACRN’s Battle of the Bands, Friday, Nov. 16 at the Union. 

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