Emo Prom 2019 Q&A: Sneakthief

By Maria Lubanovic, Copy Editor
[Photo by Joe Medlen]
Q&A with guitarists Nolan Quigley and Daniel Palmer and drummer Joe Fradette of Sneakthief.

It’s cool that you are back with us after playing Battle of the Bands. What was that experience like for you, and what is it like to be back for ACRN Prom?

Daniel: Battle of the Bands was awesome. It was a 15-minute set though, so it was really quick. We got up, played a few songs and we got down. We had 15 minutes to do as much as we could, and this is a 30-minute set. I mean, we’ve played 30-minute sets at The Union before, but it’s still exciting to one-up it.

Joe: Battle of the Bands was the most fun for me out of just about any of our shows. It was really something crazy. Seeing everyone get so excited, it was just something special.

Nolan: I just like The Union.

What’s changed since the last time we saw you?

Nolan: I’m taller.

Daniel: Nolan actually has a tumor on his pituitary gland, and he’s grown about five inches as a result. It’s insane… But we also have a merch table.

Nolan: What did you say?

Joe: Bad joke. It’s a bad joke.

Daniel: Geez…

Nolan: I was like… I do?

Daniel: You didn’t know it yet … We have a merch table now, and we have studio time booked for March 1, 2 and 3, so we’re really excited to finally have a real album.

What does it mean for you guys to play at ACRN Prom?

Daniel: This is me; I came for last year’s prom with Adult Mom and Chris Farren, and that was a magical, magical night. It was so much fun, and when I got word that we were being asked to play this year’s, my jaw dropped just because I never in a million years expected to play an event that I went to already.

Joe: I think it’s extra special for you, for you already being here.

To go off of the prom theme, did you go through an emo phase as teens?

Daniel: My parents wouldn’t let me. Still did it!

Joe: I never went through an emo phase. I don’t know, there was a handful of albums that could be related to emo that I was interested in, you know, like Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance, but that’s about it.

Nolan: I was just quiet and had black hair, so people thought I was emo.

Daniel: Did you wear hoodies all the time?

Nolan: Yeah!

What was your prom experience like back in the day?

Nolan: I got in and got out.

Joe: I never went to a prom or anything, so this is my first prom.

Daniel: I went to three high schools, so I went to one prom, and it was really bad.

Here’s to hoping this one is better. What are some upcoming things we should be looking forward to?

Daniel: We have a Fridays Live episode we are playing. We’re really excited for that too. That’s as far out as we have booked right now for shows when it comes down to playing live. I mean the studio is happening, we’re going to have our EP out real soon, so that’s exciting.

Joe: Hopefully by next month or so.

Daniel: By the end of April, we’ll have everything. Because that’s art and everything too, not just the music. It’s a process.

Joe: We’re ready to grind through it.

Daniel: It doesn’t look like we’re ramping things up on the external; internally, we’re really focusing on getting the songs ready to a point where we can record them. Big things are coming. We’re excited.

Nolan: Big things are on the way!

Sneakthief plays at Baker Theater, February 20th at 8:30 p.m.

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