Columbus witch-rockers Damn The Witch Siren to release feminist-inspired single

By Abby Jeffers, News Editor
[Photo courtesy of Damn The Witch Siren]

Columbus “witch rock” duo Damn The Witch Siren is slated to release “Big Mouth”, its latest single and third release in several months, on Saturday, March 23.

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Women throughout history, especially those in positions of power, have been known to make men uncomfortable. Damn The Witch Siren is here to challenge that discomfort, and with the release of “Big Mouth”, the duo shows that they are not afraid to shout it from the stage.

Damn The Witch Siren has always been a feminist band, and this song is no exception–“Big Mouth” is an ode to the women who won’t keep quiet. It is a track about powerful women who make men uncomfortable and about women who are vilified simply for daring to speak, and for three minutes, frontwoman Bobbi Kitten is backed by throbbing bass and punchy synth as she howls at anyone who has ever told her to be quiet or that she had nothing to say.

The track opens with the clicking of shoes and Bobbi’s distorted laughter before culminating in the sound of shattering glass and a man screaming, “Shut up!”

“Big Mouth” comes after the band’s 2018 full-length, Red Magic, an album of feminist anthems and poppy songs in which Bobbi owns her sexuality. The album cover originally featured Bobbi, topless and covered in glitter, but that earned Damn The Witch Siren plenty of criticism and a ban from most streaming services. In retaliation, the band replaced the cover, this time covering Bobbi’s exposed breast with the words “PARENTAL ADVISORY / #FREE THE NIPPLE.”

Their newest track will arrive near the end of National Women’s History Month, which is appropriate, given their storied past with sexist interactions and powerful political music. signifying that a new era for women has begun.

Following the release of “Big Mouth”, Damn The Witch Siren has a busy year ahead: the duo plans to continue releasing singles throughout the year and will embark on a tour later in 2019. Find more information on upcoming shows and releases on the band’s website.

In the meantime, listen to Damn The Witch Siren’s latest single, “XXX Me”, below.

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