Preview: ACRN Lobsterfest with Machine Girl, Galen Tipton, Kali Dreamer, Lung, DANA and Burger Big / April 27 / The Union

By Emily DiAlbert, Editorial Director
Flyer by Amelia Green

It’s been 15 long weeks, Rock Lobsters. Whether you’re dreading the impending finals week or holding back tears because you’re about to leave your favorite college town, we at ACRN have something to brighten your rainy day. Tomorrow night at The Union, we’re bringing you six killer artists for our free annual show, Lobsterfest.

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Machine Girl will be headlining with an electrifying, ear-busting set of mixed house, breakbeat and punk. Their sets are notoriously full of intense energy, but don’t feel like you have to go all out in the pit (unless you want to, of course). They’re returning to Athens after finishing up a DJing tour last month. After their stop here, they’ll continue to New York and then head out west.

“Athens truly loves Machine Girl, and we love them back,” ACRN Promotions Director Diana Buchert says. “The event is only one day this year because honestly, who could handle another day after getting wiped out by Machine Girl?”

Accompanying them is Galen Tipton, a Columbus-based electronic producer whose colorful sets are sonic treats. They recently released “scream”, a track that Tipton says shows us their “tighter, club-ready side without sacrificing any of the jarring vocal chops you’ve come to love.” Tipton says that they’ll be playing a ton of new material at Lobsterfest and want the crowd to match their energy.

“Athens fucking shows up weird and wild, and last year was such a surreal experience because of the energy everyone brought,” Tipton says.

Another Columbus-based artist, rapper and guitarist Kali Dreamer, will bring the hype through unique beats; his style blends “guitars, poetry, sparkly synths [and] a punk rock ethos.” Dreamer is no stranger to Athens either, once performing at The New Happiness. “It was like the craziest show ever. … I love my hometown and all, but that audience kind of put my city to shame,Dreamer says. “I’m hoping that the energy [at Lobsterfest] is like that, too; I’m super excited about it.”

Also playing are Lung, a post-rock duo from Cincinnati. Their style is unprecedented, with the main backing of their powerhouse vocals being drums and, wait for it, an electric cello. The group released their sophomore album All The King’s Horses in September and are still feeding off of that high. They’re currently on a spring tour, and after their stop in Athens, they will continue rocking through the Midwest until mid-May. Back in March, Lung also stopped into ACRN’s station for an in-studio concert, which you can watch below to get you even more excited.

Columbus psych-punk and “avant-garage” four-piece, DANA, will bring the house down with rip-roaring songs. In March, the band released the single “Cupid”, which gives a big taste of DANA’s rich and juicy guitar solos. On their Facebook, they self-describe their sound as “when your girlfriend says, ‘I just find it really funny how–’, an Amber Alert, upset words [and] outside voices,” so get hyped.

Finally, starting off the night is Athens’ own alternative rock trio, Burger Big. Back in December, they released the instrumental “Long Song of the Law”, which is really just a feel-good, head-nodding track with kicking guitar, bass and drums. According to an Instagram story by the band, Lobsterfest may be your last opportunity to see the three-piece for a long time, so get to the gig!

“We hope the fans bring the same energy as last year because it was truly an insane weekend,” Buchert says. “We hope to serve the same impactful shows every year from here on out.”

Lobsterfest 2019 will be held at The Union on Saturday, April 27, with doors opening at 8 p.m. and music starting at 8:30. It’s completely free, with just a $2 cover for those under 21. With all of these great acts playing, trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

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