Lobsterfest 2019 Q&A: Lung

By Maria Lubanovic, Copy Editor
Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director

Q&A with Cincinnati’s Lung with Kate Wakefield on electric cello and vocals and Daisy Caplan on drums.

How was playing Lobsterfest?

Kate: It was awesome. We had a lot of fun.

Daisy: A blast is a good word.

Have you played here in Athens before?

Daisy: Yeah, many times.

Kate: We love playing in Athens.

Daisy: We’ve played here, we’ve played Casa…

Kate: I played the Batcave a long time ago when that was a thing.

Daisy: Not me though, Kate played solo.

How did you come up with the band and the music you play?

Kate: I don’t play guitar, and I don’t play bass. I kind of play cello, so I went with the instrument I had.

Daisy: We just kind of went for it and we were like, “This is all right.” Not a lot of thinking.

Kate: We got together and jammed, and it was fun.

What are some of your inspirations for your music?

Kate: Everybody. We got a lot of inspiration from bands that we meet on the road. There’s a band I love called Tart from Detroit. They are really cool. I love Tori Amos as far as bigger artists who are famous or whatever. I’ve loved Tori Amos for my whole life.

Daisy: DANA’s pretty cool. We were excited to play with DANA again.

How long have you been on tour?

Kate: We’re at the beginning of a 2-week, 3-week tour.

Daisy: We’re playing Oklahoma.

Kate: We’re playing Oklahoma Noise Fest. It’s gonna be cool. You should road trip to Oklahoma.

Daisy: We’re going to play here and Oklahoma and everywhere in between the two, basically.

Check out their sophomore album, All The Kings Men, or catch them on tour. Dates are available here.

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