Q&A: Something Else

By Evan Gallagher, Contributor
Photo by Harley Wince, Visual Media Director

Q&A with frontman Aidan Hall of Columbus-based post-pop quartet Something Else.

So, how’d you guys meet and form as a band?

Aidan: I’ve known Colin [McMillen] (bass) since he was five—his mom used to babysit my sister. I met Landon [Gruszewski] (guitar) when we were in high school, and we both played guitar. We found [Alex] Dooley (drums) through another group.

What are your musical influences for the band?

Aidan: It’s super eclectic across the board.  We all meet in the middle at odd points. Colin likes the oldies (Allman Brothers), and Landon likes the heavier stuff. I jump all across the board from Michael Jackson to Gerard Way, and their writing styles are super influential.

So you guys are on tour, I’m assuming?

Aidan: Well sort of. We’re kind of on hiatus to clear our heads. This gig is kicking us back off, and we’re planning a couple singles or an EP record. We might stay on a basis of singles to keep creating content consistently.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you guys while performing?

Aidan: The craziest thing that’s happened to us is that we did the Hallow Emo event, so we all got to dress as emo bands. We were The Used, and our drummer Dooley kicked his set over, and we got hurt in the process. We have pretty rad audiences for most parts.  

How do you guys coordinate and communicate on stage?

Aidan: We just kind of scream if we have to. We’ve lived with each other for a while, so we’re all pretty close that we don’t have to say much to get the point across. It’s usually an eyeglance; Dooley will do pauses and stops, and we’ll understand what to do.

Any exciting announcements or future plans for Something Else?

Aidan: We’re working on some more singles and might put out an EP pretty soon. Following that, I’d say more shows and maybe another tour. We’re playing a show with the Mercury Phoenix Trust—it’s a foundation for charity. Freddie Mercury’s family started it, and we’re playing “Killer Queen” and “The Show Must Go On,” because it’s a must! The biggest show we have planned this year is at the Huntington Ball Park in Columbus in October for suicide awareness. Other than that, we’re trying to make 2020 the year for Something Else. 

Check out their latest video for “Nobody (Has To Know)” below. 

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