California singer-songwriter mxmtoon releases debut album

By Jackson Stein, Contributor
[Album art courtesy of mxmtoon]

California singer-songwriter mxmtoon released her highly anticipated debut album, the masquerade, on Tuesday, September 17, and the indie pop artist says the record is comprised of “rhyming diary entries” seeking to capture universal experiences within her lyrics.

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At the age of 16, mxmtoon started uploading her music directly to the internet and became an indie sensation within only three years. Despite a relatively short music career, mxmtoon has garnered hundreds of millions of listeners on streaming platforms, and her 2018 debut EP, plum blossom, achieved massive success on Spotify. Maintaining an admirably close connection with fans, she has also collected millions of followers on social media outlets like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

mxmtoon’s latest album features a collection of detailed memoirs thematically centered around adolescent anxiety and the constant confusion of understanding oneself in modern times. Tracks like “prom dress” and “seasonal depression” elaborate on the themes of juvenility and are backed with pillowy, ukulele-based instrumentation.

“As a young bisexual woman of color from a family of immigrants, a lot of current events directly affect who I am,” said mxmtoon when asked about the lyrical themes of her music. “I firmly believe it’s my obligation and opportunity to speak on issues that affect us all.”

With the release of the masquerade, mxmtoon announced the dates and locations of the now-sold out accompanying tour. The tour will begin on September 19 in Portland, Oregon, and conclude on December 12 in London, UK. 

Listen to mxmtoon’s the masquerade via Spotify below. 


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