Trying announce new EP, release single “That is Not Your Dirt”

By Mason Kereliuk, Contributor
[Photo courtesy of Sierra Mollenkopf/Trying]

Columbus indie-pop band Trying released a new single titled “That Is Not Your Dirt” on Tuesday, October 15. Built off of squelching guitars and propelled by jangly percussion, the song is the first track to be released from the band’s forthcoming EP, I Just Can’t Feel The Rhythm.

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Set for a December 6 release date, I Just Can’t Feel The Rhythm opens with the anxious post-punk-pop noise of “That is Not Your Dirt” before transitioning into a series of genre experiments that range from folksy balladeering to shoegaze to disco-revival indie pop.

In July, Trying released another EP, titled I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm, to which their upcoming release acts as a companion piece, exploring the experiences of support and struggle as a dichotomy that affects our relationships, our mental well-being and our daily lives in far-reaching, often unexpected ways.

Together, the two EPs introduce Trying’s sophomore album, which will merge the two experiences, blurring them together with the added context of additional material. The currently-untitled album is set for a release sometime in 2020.

Founded by Columbus native Cameron Carr, Trying released their first album, Leave and Never Come Back in 2018, establishing their poppy, hook-driven sound shrouded by gauzy lo-fi atmospherics. The music is grounded in a refreshing sincerity that recalls the delicate confessionals of heart-sleeve indie-pop groups like Mitski and Beach Fossils. Trying’s unexpected and idiosyncratic productions featuring left-field instruments like the glockenspiel and the melodica have earned them a passionate fanbase.

Trying’s lineup is completed by guitarist Brady Costigan, drummer Zayn Dweik and clarinetist Laura Lenhart. 

Trying’s next live appearance is at Spacebar in Columbus on Wednesday, October 16, and the band will also play at Cafe Bourbon Street in Columbus on November 10.

Stream “That Is Not Your Dirt” below:


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