Premiere: Camp Edwards unveil exclusive performance at American Football house

By Marvin Dotiyal, Features Editor
[Photo by Tony Sherifi]

Up-and-coming Chicago emo/indie-rock quartet Camp Edwards recently rocked the basement at the American Football house (yes, the American Football house) and are sharing their performance of “Beloit” from their forthcoming debut EP of the same name. 

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Employing the raw edge of Modern Baseball and Joyce Manor, as well as the catchiness of Two Door Cinema Club, Camp Edwards take pride in their emo-infused punk sound that was cultivated over the summer when the band began to take shape. 

Starting out with lead guitarist Jameson Ghalioungui writing songs in college, the band formed after Ghalioungui graduated and started jamming with his brother and his friends from high school who completed the lineup. 

As the band was preparing for a fall mini-tour, Ghalioungui—as any emo enthusiast would—made his pilgrimage to the American Football house in Urbana, Illinois, on his way to see Beach Bunny

“I went to Urbana to visit the house and also see Beach Bunny at the Canopy Club,” Ghalioungui says. “Before we went to the show, I brought my demo CD and placed it on the porch of the house to see what happens. 30 minutes later, I get a message from one of the students living there, and she’s like, ‘Did you make more CDs or is it a tribute to the house?’”

Technically, it was a tribute to the house—but the question begged more than an answer; it was an invitation for them to play a show at the legendary location. The show took place on October 11, where the band played alongside Teen Divorce and fredo disco. Camp Edwards performed a captivating set teasing their new songs from their upcoming debut EP, Beloit. 

From angsty jams to heartfelt numbers, Beloit is a sonic recollection of Ghalioungui’s years in college—the ups and downs that define the evocative experiences of irrevocable youth. “The songs are lyrically surrounding the misunderstandings in relationships or assuming one thing or another and ending up bummed out about it,” he explains. “Lyrically, the songs are sad, but we try to conquer that with happy, upbeat melodies.”

Both Ghalioungui’s favorite and the hardest song to finish, the title track “Beloit” captures “a mix of regret and wishing you can go back and change what you were doing”—basically, an amalgam of his emotions during his final year in college. 

Beloit EP is slated for release this winter. 

Check out Camp Edwards’ exclusive live performance of “Beloit” below. 

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