Single Review: Harry Styles – Lights Up

By Lauren Patterson, Contributor
[Columbia; 2019]
Rating: 8.5/10

Stepping into the light, Harry Styles returns with his new single “Lights Up”. Upon concluding his first solo tour in 2017-2018, in which he played songs from his debut album, Harry Styles, Styles hit the studio to begin working on his second album, finally giving fans the first taste of his new sound. 

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The new single, though short but certainly sweet, challenges Styles’ already inclusive sound with the incorporation of funky guitar, a choir on the chorus and harmonies—all illuminating a Bowie-like feel. It’s a track that could sit comfortably on a modern-day Beatles album like Revolver.

With the release of the single, Styles premiered a music video in which he stands topless in a crowd of people that take in the singer fondly. The video works to give a hazy sensation as the lights constantly flash and the camera angles spin, incorporating familiar Harry Styles aspects such as flashes of his cheeky smile and blue sequin suit attire.

This refreshing preview of the new Harry Styles era is nothing short of exciting, as fans are able to remain on their toes to see what the singer has next in store. 

Listen here:

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