Georgia Maq releases new album “Pleaser”

By Micah Organ, Staff Writer
[Photo courtesy of Run For Cover Records]

Georgia Maq of indie rock band Camp Cope released her debut solo album, Pleaseron December 5 via Run For Cover Records. The album is due out on vinyl on February 2, but it is available now on streaming services.

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Pleaser includes eight tracks and contains mostly electronic influences with an infectious pop sentiment. Opening track “Away From Love” includes the album’s only guitar feature. Maq’s style is similar to artists like Lorde, Robyn, Charli XCX and Gwen Stefani. 

“I took more time to record the songs and play around with them, and I liked that because I could change things and experiment more,” Maq said. “I think the pressure of working with other people drove me to finish the songs, which I hated but also loved because it’s nice to be challenged.”

Most of the album was produced by Maq’s Run for Cover labelmate Katie Dey, with the exception of “Away From Love” and “Like a Shadow”. These songs were recorded with the help of electronic musician Darcy Baylis.

Australia band Camp Cope’s most recent release was 2018’s How to Socialise and Make Friends. This album was Camp Cope’s second full-length release and won the band critical acclaim from outlets like NPR, Pitchfork, Billboard, Bandcamp, Stereogum, The Guardian and Brooklyn Vegan.

Preorder Pleaser on vinyl here and listen to the album on Spotify below.


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