Meet the DJ: Sauté

By Liz Partsch, Contributor

Sprinkle some salt, tune in and enjoy the savory jams DJ Sauté is cooking up. 

Taylor Linzinmeir was raised in Hilliard, Ohio, a suburb right outside of Columbus. Now a sophomore, Taylor came to Ohio University to pursue her love of writing. 

“I knew that I wanted to write because I love writing, storytelling and meeting people,” Taylor says. “I think any journalist can tell you the reason why they want to be a journalist is because they love people and they love stories.”

As an aspiring music journalist and an advocate for women’s rights here at Ohio University, Taylor puts her interests in many activities around campus.

Taylor works at Women’s Center as the survivor focus programmer, planning various events, workshops and programs all focused on sexual assault prevention, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. Just recently, she helped plan the upcoming Take Back the Night annual rally in April, focused on reclaiming the night from sexual violence. 

Taylor would love to combine both her love for music and women’s advocacy in one.

“If I could do something that kind of incorporates those two things—music and healing or music and advocacy and activism—I think that’s what I’m searching for,” Taylor says. 

As a DJ, she has certainly accomplished her goal with her specialty show ″Girl Power Power Hour.” Each week Taylor selects a different theme from women of pop, rock and rap, and composes a playlist of the best tracks. Sometimes she takes inspiration from others to compose the perfect power hour special. One week Taylor took to Instagram for listener requests, while another time she asked her fellow DJ, TB Cooper, to compose a playlist of his favorite female artists. 

“I don’t think women get enough credit, and I think we need to allow more space for them, so the ‘Girl Power Power Hour’ is the space for that,” Taylor says. 

Taylor got her DJ nickname during a conversation with her brother’s friend, Jack. Jack suggested that it not only goes along with her name, Sau-TAY, but she’d be in the “kitchen” cooking up some sick beats. As DJ Sauté, Taylor opens every show with an enthusiastic, “Hey, what’s cooking rock lobsters?” 

Taylor not only enjoys being a DJ for her love of music but also loves the people in ACRN.

“One thing that I always liked growing up and going to concerts was that everyone there has a shared interest. I think that’s kind of the same thing with ACRN. Like, you walk in and you can automatically connect and relate to people there,” Taylor says. “Everyone’s just super accepting and super sick.”


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