Album Review: Turnover – Altogether

By Lauren Patterson, Contributor
[Run for Cover; 2019]
Rating: 7/10

Key tracks: “Sending Me Right Back”, “Ceramic City”, “Plant Sugar”

Imagine being sprawled across the backseat of a car as you stare into the area of the window that still remains in view. You cross your legs over one another, and the radio plays a song from an album that is entirely fitting for such a scenario. Turnover’s latest album, Altogether, perfectly crafts this exact scene.

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The Virginia natives last released music in 2017 with their second LP, Good Nature, and have consistently switched up their sound with every release. Altogether paints the perfect picture of a blissful drive with no destination, ultimately allowing listeners’ thoughts to swim.

“Ceramic City”, though just under two minutes in length, is delicate and brilliant, featuring a saxophone that helps provide the album with its diverse range of emotion. The track presents an illusion of floating, as the lyrics tell of faint romance while they are both slowed and revived.

“Sending Me Right Back” marks the halfway point of the album and starts instantly with fast-paced congas before transitioning smoothly into groovy guitar rhythms. The first verse reminisces on childhood naivety, and the track builds in such a way during the chorus that makes it almost impossible to sit still. 

“Plant Sugar”, the most upbeat track on the album, is dazzling in its combination of danceable beats and powerful phrases. The harmony of the chorus is irresistible to join in on, and the drums are ideal for both finger-tapping on a steering wheel or light feet-bouncing.

Though the album in its entirety is brief, the variety of instrumentation and vocal technique is certainly worth esteem. Each song tells a different story—a separate part of the larger picture—which keeps Altogether nothing short of interesting. Any invested listener may find solace in, or perhaps relate heavily to, a certain element, whether it is a set of lyrics or a selected instrument. 

Altogether is a piece of music that is altogether intriguing. Marking a decade of musical involvement for Turnover, the album comes together to display evident growth for the band, ultimately serving as an excellent piece for one’s own backseat scene.

Listen here:

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