Stuart’s Opera House to host virtual event with Julie Zickefoose

By Ben Lindner, Contributor
[Photo courtesy of Stuart’s Opera House]

Author/artist Julie Zickefoose will be featured in a free livestream from Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio, on Thursday at 7pm, according to a press release.

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Zickefoose, an Ohio resident, will be discussing her new book Saving Jemima: Life and Love With a Hard-luck Jay. The book details Zickefoose’s experience finding an injured jay and nursing it back to health. Saving Jemima not only focuses on the rehabilitation of a bird, but the effect the experience had on Zickefoose’s life.

Zickefoose, a lifelong nature-lover and naturalist, has written several other books about birds. She also runs a nature blog, which she updates several times a month, and creates cerebral visual art. Her books and art are available via her website.

The virtual event will be held through Zoom, Facebook and YouTube. Zickefoose will discuss the book and will be taking questions from the audience. The event is free, but donations are encouraged. For more information and to register for the event, visit the Stuart’s Opera House website here.

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