2020 Battle of the Bands Information

Contact: Catie Bugos / 330-716-1963 / pr4acrn@gmail.com / acrn.com


ACRN Media to feature six local bands in a pre-recorded live stream competition.

Athens, OH, October 8, 2020 – ACRN Media is thrilled to announce our annual Battle of the Bands (BOTB) will continue virtually this fall. Local bands of any genre and size are encouraged to apply to participate. The deadline to apply is Thursday, October 15 at 5 p.m. The six chosen bands will record a 15 minute live session with our Production and Visual Media departments. Winner receives $125 and a photoshoot with ACRN and the runner up receives their $25 entry fee back.

Recording sessions will follow university COVID-19 guidelines. Sessions will be compiled into a livestream for ACRN’s YouTube and Twitch channels to premiere November 14. Viewers will vote for their favorite band. The winner will be announced at the end of the stream. Participating bands can also use their video for further band promotion.

Traditionally, Battle of the Bands operates live at a local venue where up to eight bands compete. Battle of the Bands is ACRN’s annual fundraiser that raises money for station equipment, RadioDJ fees and an admission-free Lobsterfest. Bands pay $25 entry fees to fund the cash prize of $125 and the in-studio performance with ACRN. Runner-up is refunded the $25 entry fee. At past live shows, when people enter the venue, they are given a ticket to vote for one band of choice. Votes were totaled and the winner was announced at the end of the night. 

Because of the pandemic, ACRN cannot host any live events. As a result, we’ve adapted to hosting virtual shows such as live Twitch streams and now Battle of the Bands. ACRN will not collect a profit from Battle of the Bands. Instead, ACRN is applying for Student Appropriations Commission (SAC) and, “is responsible for allocating funds to student organizations on campus.’

More information regarding student funding is available through visiting ohiostudentsenate.com/sac. Regarding this year’s BOTB, SAC funding money will be utilized for the video production fees. ACRN is looking forward to working in a safe environment to produce a virtual Battle of the Bands this fall. 


The All-Campus Radio Network, known as ACRN Media, is a student-run radio station, which has evolved over the past 47 years into a media hub, producing visual, editorial and audio content, in addition to radio and live music shows. ACRN Media has several departments working together to foster discussion, interaction and participation within accepting popular and underground music cultures.

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