MF DOOM Announces Augmented Reality Mask Auction

By Kwase Lane, Features Editor
[Photo courtesy of Juggernaut Sound]

Hip-hop legend MF DOOM and Rhymesayers Entertainment announced a partnership with Illust Space to release a collection of augmented reality masks. The collectible masks are entirely digital and limited in quantity.

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The augmented reality masks will be available via two separate online auctions. The first auction is to take place Friday and the second on Oct. 28. Both auctions are to be hosted on the Illuist Space auction platform. During these dates, collectors will be able to buy, sell, trade and project their digital purchases using Illust Space’s web application. 

There will be a total of 11 masks, eight in the first drop and three in the second. The merchandise drops utilize blockchain technology, taking cues from other decentralized currencies like Bitcoin. The collaboration hopes to trailblaze a new future of virtual reality/augmented reality art, citing crypto-technology as a suitable avenue for tracking copyrights, ownership, authorship and provenance. The press release claims that a new digital art collector has driven over $200 million in value for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) projects.

“This collaboration with MF DOOM represents a tipping point for augmented reality, the NFT market, and the ubiquitous digital layer that is a battleground for big tech,” said Rob McCarty, Co-Founder and CEO of Illust Space.

Illust Space is a platform that offers augmented reality artists the opportunity to publish and track the origin of their art across the internet. The DOOM collaboration is their most high-profile to date.

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