Highsnobiety, Newport Jazz Festival announce livestream

By Maddie James, Contributor

Starting Monday, Highsnobiety and the Newport Jazz Festival are teaming up for “Jazz TV”. This three-day virtual event will feature DJ sets, live performances and panels on Highsnobiety’s digital platform and YouTube channel. All proceeds from “Jazz TV” will go to the Newport Festivals Musician Relief Fund, a nonprofit created to help artists during the pandemic. 

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Under normal circumstances, the Newport Jazz and Folk festivals are recognized as culturally important festivals in the industry. Boasting past performances Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald, the festivals have impressive collections of archival footage to draw from for the Jazz TV program. 

To create this program, the Newport Jazz Festival has partnered with Highsnobiety, a creative agency for fashion, art, music and other aspects of popular culture. With their online and print platforms, as well as offices around the world, Highsnobiety has access to a wide audience, which will help them bring the Newport Jazz Festival to the internet.

“Jazz TV” will air Monday through Wednesday, accompanied by merchandise for sale on Highsnobiety’s website starting Monday. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Newport Festivals Musician Relief Fund.  Highsnobiety and the Newport Jazz Festival hope to bring relief to musicians facing hard times during the pandemic, and to fans who are missing the excitement of live performances.

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