Japanese electronic group Black Boboi announce new album

By Maddie James, Contributor

SILK, the first full album by female Japanese group Black Boboi, is set to release Nov. 25. The album’s announcement was accompanied by the release of two songs, “gd612” and “Postwar”.

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SILK follows the group’s debut release from January 2019, the mini-album Agate. The release of Agate led Black Boboi to a number of festival performances across Japan, most notably at the acclaimed Fuji Rock Festival

Black Boboi’s music is heavy on symbolism. The track “gd612” is inspired by “a bird’s vision flying around the untouched nature and the energy from the wind” and the song “Postwar” takes inspiration from “knights in the middle age”, according to a press release. The mini-album Agate symbolizes a conceptual cocoon which wraps around the album’s original inspiration. SILK follows in the footsteps of Agate, which explores themes of the past, present and future, as well as the fear of nature and the unseen world. 

Black Boboi was formed in June 2018 by members Julia Shortreed, Utena Kobayashi, and ermhoi, along with help from the music label and community BINDIVIDUAL. Outside of Black Boboi, all three members are also well-established as solo artists, having each released a mixture of albums, singles and EPs as well as collaborations with other musicians. Their solo work is available on major streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

SILK will be released through BINDIVIDUAL on Nov. 25.

Check out Black Boboi on Spotify here:

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