Lil Nas X announces new song in bizarre commercial

By Ben Lindner, Contributor

Lil Nas X took to television during “Sunday Night Football” to offer an absurd advertisement for his new song “Holiday”, which releases Friday, Pitchfork reported.

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The advertisement features Lil Nas X time traveling to a western town while his Grammy-winning hit “Old Town Road” plays, only to come across Santa Claus. Nas picks up the jacket and takes on the Santa moniker, The Santa Clause style.

The advertisement also features Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox. Fox jokingly tells Lil Nas X, “Whatever you do Nas, don’t go to 2020.”

Lil Nas X’s most recent release is 2019’s 7 EP, which contains his hit songs “Old Town Road” and “Panini”. He teased that his first full-length album should be coming soon, according to NME.

Check out the ad for “Holiday” below:

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