Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer releases new song

By Kwase Lane, Features Editor
[Photo courtesy of Allister Ann]

Local Natives co-founder Kelcey Ayer has released a new song under the name “Jaws of Love.” titled “m&m”. The track is Ayer’s first solo release of 2020, quickly following the release of Local Natives’ latest EP, Sour Lemon

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Ayer describes the piece as “a story about two high school friends going to colleges on different coasts having a last-minute hang, where one flies from the west coast to NYC” in a press release. “It’s loosely based on a trip I took myself during my college days to meet up with a friend. Neither person can fully comprehend how special their friendship is nor how precious their time is together until both have faded away. While it was some of the best days of their lives, it also marks the beginning of the end of their friendship.”

“m&m” is available for streaming via Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

The song is a return to form for Ayer’s “Jaws of Love.” moniker. The project’s debut, Tasha Sits Close to the Piano, is similarly populated by longing vocals and sparse instrumentation. “m&m” is the second single Ayer has shared since Tasha Sits Close to the Piano’s 2017 release.

Listen to “m&m” below. 

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