Taylor Swift and Evermore lawsuit

By Maddie James, Staff Writer
[Photo by: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images]

Taylor Swift’s latest album, evermore, has drawn worldwide attention from fans and media, as well as a more unusual source. Though the music industry is no stranger to bizarre legal issues, a lawsuit filed against Swift from a small theme park in Utah will certainly be one for the history books. Evermore Park, located Pleasant Grove, Utah, consists of a small fantasy themed village with its own unique lore and culture. Guests can explore the village and interact with characters as they participate in activities such as archery or axe throwing. According to Pitchfork, Evermore is now suing Swift for millions in damages and legal fees, claiming that her album is hurting their google search results and confusing their guests. Apparently, visitors of the park have begun asking if the album was a collaboration between the Evermore and Swift, reported Pitchfork.

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Swift is also being sued for infringing on the trademark for Evermore’s merchandise and original park soundtracks, according to Pitchfork. The merchandise consists of a few dragon themed items, as well as fantasy themed bags, keychains and t-shirts. As for the soundtrack, Evermore released two full length albums in 2018, both a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks. Swift’s team of lawyers has denied the connection, claiming that neither the album nor anything sold on Swift’s website takes any inspiration from Evermore’s fantasy themed brand, Pitchfork reports. They went on to point out that Evermore also owes several million in legal fees to various construction companies, implying that the only reason they’re suing Swift is to pay for these expenses, according to BBC. Though Evermore’s claims against Swift are likely baseless, fans have joked that the accusations of a fantasy inspired album could be inspiration for a future project. After all, who wouldn’t want a Taylor Swift album you could use as background music for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

Listen to evermore below.

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