JPEGMAFIA Releases ‘EP 2!’

[Photo courtesy of JPEGMAFIA on Twitter]

By Kwase Lane, Features Editor

After weeks of teasing the project on his personal Twitter account, JPEGMAFIA has released EP2!. The aptly named project quickly follows JPEGMAFIA’s previous project, 2020’s EP!. EP2!’s seven tracks make up a combined 17-minute listening experience. Check out EP2! below.

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The collection of tracks is a mild departure from Peggy’s sonic niche, with airy, almost weightless synths comprising the core of many pieces on the project.

“don’t know if I will release anything that sounds like EP2! ever again, but I hope u all enjoy it!” JPEGMAFIA said in a tweet.

Since the release of EP!, Peggy’s time has been divided between working on EP 2! and venting on Twitter about politics and his lack of positivity.

“I’m such an unpositive hateful bitch,” he said on Twitter.

JPEGMAFIA’s latest full-length album, All My Heroes are Cornballs, was released in 2019 and features performances from Helena Deland and Buzzy Lee.

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