Julien Baker Announces Virtual Concert for “Little Oblivions”

By Mia Jevack, Contributor
[Photo courtesy of Grandstand Media]

Musician Julien Baker announced a virtual concert to celebrate her upcoming album Little Oblivions

The concert will stream live on Thursday, March 25 with three different stream times: 8 p.m. AEDT, 7 p.m. GMT, and 9 p.m. EDT. The stream will be available via the Audiotree website, and ticket pricing starts at $15.

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The performance is to be held at the Analog at Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN. The band Mini Trees will also be performing alongside Baker. 

Little Oblivions will be available on Feb. 26. The album follows Baker’s sophomore record, Turn Out the Lights, which was released in 2017. To promote Little Oblivions, Baker has released the singles “Faith Healer” and “Hardline”, both accompanied by music videos, and “Favor”.

Purchase tickets for the concert here, and pre-order Little Oblivions on Julien Baker’s official website here.

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