Brick City Records to release signed artists’ EPs, music videos

By Ethan Bloomfield, Staff Writer

Ohio University’s own Brick City Records will begin to release signed artists’ music videos for their singles and EPs recorded with BCR since late summer, according to the label. The releases start in early April and showcase four artists.

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The artists’ singles, music videos and EPs will have a staggered release and be spread out through the month. 

Projects in the month-long release show include: 

● FiftyThree

“Summer Lovin’” on April 2

“L8 Night” Music Video on April 14

“Imposters” EP on April 18

● Jojomber

 “Don’t Call Me” on April 4

“Don’t Call Me” Music Video on April 7

“Best/Worst/Same” EP on April 23

● Sun Boats 

“Orange” on April 9

“Orange” Music Video on April 9

“Seeds and Fields” EP on April 21

● Camille Jeanne 

“Stupid Head” on April 11

“Stupid Head” Music Video on April 20

Updates for the “New Room” EP on April and links will be posted to BCR’s Instagram and Twitter.

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