Rising indie artist Wallice releases single, announces debut EP

By Maddie James, Staff Writer

[Photo courtesy of Jerry Maestas]

Indie artist Wallice has released a new single, “Hey Michael”,  and announced her debut EP, Off the Rails. The EP is set for a summer release, though an exact date has yet to be announced.

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“Hey Michael” takes more of a political stand than her previous songs, focusing less on growing up and more on Wallice’s frustrating interactions with past boyfriends. However, Wallice stresses that the song isn’t “anti-men,” and focuses just as much on the things she could’ve done better in her relationships, according to the press release. The music video follows this, showing unfortunate interactions with ‘Michaels’ before Wallice eventually spirals out of control and becomes part of the problem herself.

The music video for her recent single “Hey Michael” features Wallice navigating frustrating situations with various former boyfriends, or “Michaels.”  Wallice explained that these “Michaels” represent people who gaslight and manipulate others and refers to the song as an anthem for anyone who’s been a victim of “Michaels.” 

Wallice’s previous work consists of two other singles, “Punching Bag” and “23”. Her music is a cross between bedroom pop and indie rock, with clever lyrics reminiscent of artists like Sidney Gish, Beach Bunny or Lucy Dacus. Wallice wrote her first songs in middle school, and the 22 year old is now known for her relatable coming of age lyrics. Her newest single also features her childhood friend and producer marinelli, who stands in as “Michael” for one verse. The two have collaborated for several years, and marinelli was a key figure in helping Wallice discover her unique sound.

Watch the music video for “Hey Michael” below.

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