Fiddlehead releases new single, “Heart to Heart”

By Venus Rittenberg, Contributor

[Photo courtesy of Run For Cover Records]

Fiddlehead released their newest single “Heart to Heart” on Tuesday. The track is the second single from the punk supergroup’s upcoming sophomore album, Between the Richness, which is due out May 21 via Run For Cover Records. The song follows the initial single, “Million Time,” which came out in March.

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The supergroup consists of members of various punk bands, most notably Have Heart and Basement, but also Big Contest, Intent, Youth Funeral, Death Injection and Glory. The bands each play various styles of rock and punk music. Members from the respective bands came together to start Fiddlehead in 2014, releasing their debut album, Springtime and Blind, in 2018.

Their newest album will see the band expanding upon their current sound, which is a mix of hardcore and melody. Between the Richness can be preordered now on Run For Cover Record’s website or on Fiddlehead’s Bandcamp page.

Listen to “Heart to Heart” here:

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