Preview: ACRN LobsterFest with Jetty Bones, Sun Boats, Warp and Wastemen

By Paul Nern, Staff Writer

Rock Lobsters, what could that be lingering around the station at ACRN? Is it hope? We’d like to think so. The music world seems to be slowly on its way back from the standstill of the pandemic due to the massive vaccine rollout and the joy that summer tends to bring to everything. Unfortunately, we won’t be back in person for this year’s Lobsterfest. Instead, we’ll again be sticking to the virtual format that we adopted for the Battle of the Bands and ACRN Prom. Four artists will be featured on the bill: Jetty Bones, Sun Boats, Warp and Wastemen. You won’t want to miss what these groups will bring to the table. The sets will be released one at a time on ACRN’s YouTube channel, starting on April 23 and going until May 1.

First up will be Sun Boats, a folk and bluegrass trio signed to Athens’ Brick City Records. Huddled around one microphone, Nick, Sam, and Harper blend impressive vocal harmonies with country picking to create a fun and diverse set filled with hooks that will keep a listener engaged. Their set will drop April 23, and it is not one you’ll want to miss.

Following Sun Boats is Warp, a five-piece band that brings crunchy riffs and pounding drums to create an aggressive doom metal sound. Warp has influences ranging from the doom metal scene all the way to classic acts like James Brown.  

“We were on a roll” before COVID-19, the band said. Lobsterfest helped them get back into the flow of things, certainly a welcome change from the ennui that the pandemic caused. Warp’s set will debut on April 24, and be sure to check it out.

Next up on the list is the three-piece garage rock outfit Wastemen. Donning matching black Adidas clothes, this band draws on the indie-rock scene to inspire their sound. “We’re making a real album,” the band quipped when asked about their current plans. Wastemen are eyeing a move to Columbus to continue to pursue their musical ventures. Be sure to check out Wastemen’s set, which will be released April 30.

Last but most certainly not least is Jetty Bones, a powerful indie rocker hailing from smalltown Ohio. Asked what it was like to perform onstage again, Jetty remarked, “I had an anxiety attack.” Mental health topics are at the forefront of her lyrics, furthering awareness for a massive movement to destigmatize issues that plague most everyone at some point. Jetty Bones went on to say that she misses the crowds from concerts but does events like Lobsterfest for her fans. Check out her set, which will drop May 1.  

Be sure to follow the Lobsterfest festivities starting this April 23 on our YouTube channel. We can’t wait to hear what these artists have to say, and we hope you’ll tag along for the ride. If we’re lucky, next year, we can see you all in person, but for now, enjoy these artists from the safety of your couch.  

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